All of us at Reading Success Plus want to wish our students and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Whether you are eagerly anticipating a big trip or looking forward to a quiet time at home, we hope you have a joyful season enjoying the company of family and friends.  

We also have one holiday suggestion that probably isn’t on any of our students’ Santa lists. Consider taking a bit of time over your break for tutoring. It can be less time than usual – perhaps an hour a week instead of two – or online instead of person.  

But even if you do less than you usually do, you are keeping the student’s momentum going. Students who take a break from tutoring, especially those with memory difficulties, can slide backwards quickly.  One or two lessons after break then must be devoted to review and relearning material. That costs time and money. 

Making January easier

 We understand the need to take time off during the holiday season. Our students should enjoy the holidays with their family, join the once-a-year activities, visit with loved ones they may rarely see. We also understand how hard our students work in school and how much they value their vacation time. 

So, it’s fine to cut back on lessons during break. But, if possible, try to do some tutoring – once a week, even just one session over the two weeks. A little bit of work over the holidays will help students retain knowledge and make the transition back to a full-time schedule in January that much easier. 

Hopefully we’ll see you sometime during break. (Your tutor would love to see that new T-shirt you found under the Christmas tree!) But most of all, Reading Success Plus wishes you a happy and safe holiday season.