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Professional Learning & Development

An inclusive work or learning environment supports people of all abilities. Nearly 20% of individuals of all ages struggle with reading, writing or math. Learn how you can support these highly talented and creative individuals to maximize their potential.

We train teams to understand the basics of struggling readers and dyslexics. We educate on the common myths and facts, the warning signs, provide a hands-on-simulation to experience how dyslexia impacts individuals, and we explain how accommodations and assistive technology can help “level the playing field”. We discuss the dyslexia experience in-depth and help you create a dyslexia friendly environment. 

Educators and Schools

We provide Professional Learning on dyslexia including the latest research on the struggling reader and dyslexic student, educate on the warning signs and accommodations needed for the classroom, provide hands-on learning opportunities and take-aways which can be used immediately in the classroom. We also include a powerful dyslexia simulation. We will include how to create a dyslexia friendly environment and discuss the dyslexia experience in depth.

Dyslexia can be detected as early as pre-school. Students can be screened with a 92.5% accuracy rate as early as 5 ½ – 6 ½ years old according to the National Institutes of Health. Most of the challenges dyslexic students encounter can be prevented if we screen and identify them early and provide the appropriate type of reading instruction starting in Kindergarten. If a student is dyslexic, their academic struggles are amplified in middle and high school, often causing them to fall behind academically.

We can help your school with screening, specialized push-in and pull-out programs, understanding accommodations, as well as professional learning on dyslexia.


I was thoroughly engaged during the Reading Success Plus training and I walked away with lots of knowledge on dyslexia, screening for it and ways to identify who may be dyslexic. Highly recommend this training!”


3rd Grade Teacher

You really captured the audience and presented in a way that sustained our attention and interest. I gained ideas to help identify and treat students with dyslexia. I really appreciate and respect your dedication to helping students who have been left behind.”


Literacy Coach

This presentation was amazing, so eye opening.”


Reading Intervention

I am impressed with your knowledge in the field of dyslexia. Definitely one of the best PD days I’ve been to.”


Elementary Teacher

I learned a lot! I liked how you opened up on a personal level and shared your struggles with dyslexia. Great examples that many of our own students can relate to.”


1st Grade Teacher

You did a wonderful job presenting and answering questions.”



This was one of the most beneficial professional development training I have experienced in my 16 years of teaching!”


1st Grade Teacher

The morning was well organized, and information delivered in a clear manner. Questions were welcomed and encouraged which created a safe learning environment. All information was delivered with care and concern and it’s obvious there is a passion and a mission to help.”


1st Grade Teacher

Very informative, especially signs to look for in our kids.”


Kindergarten Teacher

Psychologists and Medical Professionals

We collaborate with psychologists and medical professionals to support their patients. We provide remediation in reading, spelling, fluency, comprehension, writing, grammar and math for both students and adults.

Additionally, we provide professional development to equip your team with the latest dyslexia research and know-how. 

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Pediatricians
  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Social Workers
  • Optometrists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Vision Therapists

Call us to learn how we can help unlock the potential in your organization.

Why Reading Success Plus?

If you or your child struggle with reading, writing, or math - you are not alone.  Perhaps you have tried other methods without success.

We’ve been there and tried everything.  We know there is hope because these programs work.  We help struggling and dyslexic students reach their highest potential.

Learn more about becoming one of our success stories. Call (833) 229-1112 or click below:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is struggling in school. How can Reading Success Plus help?

If your child is struggling with academics, behavior, social interactions, is anxious, or just does not want to go to school, you need to find out why. 

Their struggles may be linked to reading, specifically in the areas of phonemic awareness (sounds of letters), decoding, spelling, fluency and comprehension. They may also struggle with writing and/or math.

With our comprehensive placement screening process, we can help you pin-point specifically where and why your student struggles and target instruction to help them overcome these difficulties.

2. What programs do you use?

Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) Program:

Some students are not “reading-ready.” For these students, we start with the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® – LiPS® Program for reading, spelling and speech. LiPS® is for students who are missing the pre-reading skill of phonemic awareness (knowing the correct sounds for the correct letters).

Research shows that students who are missing this important skill will not progress with reading until they have mastered it. We determine the need for the LiPS® program through our placement screening process.

The Barton Reading & Spelling System®:

Our team of specialists teach struggling readers and dyslexic students of any age, utilizing the widely acclaimed Barton Reading & Spelling System®, “an Orton-Gillingham influenced,  simultaneously, multisensory, explicit and systematic phonics system.”  Orton-Gillingham based programs are the only research and evidence-based programs proven to teach the struggling reader and dyslexic student to read.

The Barton System provides explicit, systematic instruction in:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reading fluency including oral reading skills
  • Reading comprehension strategies

Orton-Gillingham Math Program:

Our highly specialized, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham math program helps students learn the why of math in an explicit, direct, and multi-sensory manner. This program takes the abstract concepts of math, and with practice makes them concrete. Not only will you or your student learn the math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), but also the vocabulary of math, the strategy of solving word problems, time, money, measurement, fractions, percentages, decimals and more. Math concepts are taught at the speed each individual needs.  

Writing and Grammar Program: 

We offer writing and grammar instruction for elementary school through college on how to write a perfect sentence and paragraph, and the elements of informative/explanatory, argumentative and narrative writing.

We guide students through the writing process from organization and notetaking to constructing complete grammatical sentences and paragraphs that adhere to the conventions of writing they will use both in and out of school.

3. What ages do you serve?

Reading Success Plus works with individuals from 5 years through adulthood. 

4. How long does the program take to complete?

For students missing the important pre-reading skill of phonemic awareness, we start with the LiPS® program, which can be taught in as little as 2-3 months, or more quickly with our intensive summer tutoring program.

Once a student completes the LiPS® program, we move them into the Barton Reading & Spelling System® an Orton-Gillingham program. The average time to complete reading and spelling program is two – three years, but it could take longer depending upon the students’ needs.

5. How long does a tutoring session last and how often are they held?

A tutoring session lasts for 50 minutes, twice a week.

6. What other services does Reading Success Plus provide?
  • Professional learning and development workshops are available for educators, schools, psychologists, medical professionals, therapists, and businesses.
  • Workshops include the latest research on the struggling reader and dyslexic, the warning signs, accommodations and hands-on learning opportunities and take-aways which can be used immediately in the classroom or your workplace.
  • Coaching and consulting for parents, children or adults.
  • Push-in and pull-out programs for schools
7. Do you offer a summer tutoring program?

Yes! We offer an intensive one-on-one summer tutoring program taught in-person or online Monday through Thursday, one to two hours per day for four weeks (two sessions per week are also available). Program options include reading and spelling, writing and grammar, or math. Students can select one option for the one-hour program, or two options for the two-hour program. To reach the student’s full potential, tutoring needs to be continued two days per week, year-round, until your student has attained the skills to become the next success story.  

  • Our summer program includes the widely acclaimed Barton Reading & Spelling System® an Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory, explicit, and systematic phonics program.
  • If your student is missing the pre-reading skill of phonemic awareness (knowing the correct sounds for each letter), we start with the Lindamood® LiPS® Program.
  • For math, our highly specialized, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham program covers math facts, the vocabulary of math, word problems, time, money, fractions, percentages, decimals and more.  
  • We offer writing and grammar instruction for elementary school through college on how to write a perfect sentence and paragraph, and the elements of informative/explanatory, argumentative and narrative writing.


8. How do we start?

Reading Success Plus starts with a parent/guardian conversation/interview to determine what the parent/guardian is looking for and if we can help them.

A Comprehensive Placement Screener would be the next step, which takes approximately 2 hours and will help us pinpoint specifically where and why your child struggles and targets instruction to help them overcome their difficulties. 

We share the results of the screening with parents and show them how we can help their child get back on track.

Learn about our Comprehensive Placement Screening.





We’d love to help you or your student overcome your academic struggles. If you or your student is struggling in reading, writing or math, contact us to learn more about our pricing, services and further information.

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